RegistryAddress, what does this code mean? (ethereum-nft-marketplace-template)

Hello what does this code mean?

export const RegistryAddress = "" // Registry address

it’s defining the RegistryAddress variable, can’t say more coz there’s no further context~

the line of code is asking me to input registry Address

what registry address, what is the context?

i saw that in a template, so i don’t know what it means

in what template did you see it?


This is the first time using moralis, and working with the current NFT Marketplace Template

I am using the same code, and I have gone through the video tutorial on youtube. The video tutorial doesnt have the admin code section which I want. So I have forked this code. Most of it is the same but has additional code to the tutorial.

In the readme, it has a section to add the admin settings, a few of these are self-explanatory fields, but examples would help.

the following are not clear where to get them from
export const ProjectChainId = β€œβ€ // Project Chain Id
export const StandardCurrency = β€œβ€ // STANDARD CURRENCY FOR BUYING NFTS
export const RegistryAddress = β€œβ€ // Registry address

Any help would be really appreciated


Bumping this, I am also unclear as to what the RegistryAddress should be.