Recover info from Metamask and by Deep API

Dear All,
I’m working to my own DAPP and I’m using Deep API successfully.
In particular I’m using:

$url = “” . $walletid . “/erc20?chain=” . $coin_chain;

Where $walletid is the hex number of the Wallet and $coin_chain is “eth” or “bsc” at moment.

I tried to make scan of my TrustWallet and everything works well: I have as output the list of token holdings and the value of amount for each ones, so I easily calculate the value of the wallet.

When I use, as $walletid, the hex number of the metamask wallet or I didn’t receive any info from API and I cannot understan why, because if I try with both ethscan and bscscan web sites, I can see all token on ETH or BSC networks.

Is there a way to do it? Am I making some mistake or misunderstanding something?
Thanks in advance

Hey @maxbarbato

Could you send me in DM example of a wallet you trying to scan?

No problem to make it in public message. All information are already public:

Here hex of TrustWallet tracking (working well):
The response is the content of the wallet.

Here hex of Metamask 0x0d7B8B2d1E809e6d657EA4B2ba9655D28D30eca0
The response is VOID for eth network, instead if you try with Etherscan you will find 200$ more or less.


Same negative result is with hex of Cryptocom wallet, but here I’m thinking I have to use directly API of Cryptocom


I think that you also have to take the native balance with:

curl -X 'GET' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'X-API-Key: API_KEY'

Yes right, but this is only the total balance of the wallet and not the token holding with amount value.

This ( is only the native balance, that is not an erc20 token and you’ll have to treat it separately.

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