Recover database

hi , my dear moralis team ,
i made a mistake to delete a string in database, how can i make it back ?
thank you very much

What you mean with deleting a string?

i go to the database, i wanna copy a string from browser, then use ctrl+C, but i made a mistake , i input c, the string which i wanna copy been deleted .
is there anyway to get back all data?

When did you do that? How long ago?

10 minutes ago i think .

it is just a mistake . i wanna copy, but i input C in to the database

There may not be an easy way to restore it. What is the server url?
it is okay if its hard to restore. just help to have a look.

if easy ,then help me , if hard ,just forget it , thank you very much

if you deleted it not before 44 minutes ago, then it may be a way to get it as a backup was done 44 minutes ago

what table and row it was?

table Bigdata row state, it think less than 44 minutes

it looks like it is not easy to recover it, I don’t find that missing data in the dump

thank you very much. just forget it

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