Reason":"replacement fee too low","code":"REPLACEMENT_UNDERPRICED"

I am receiving this error when I use Moralis.transfer

{“reason”:“replacement fee too low”,“code”:“REPLACEMENT_UNDERPRICED”,“error”:{},“method”:“sendTransaction”,“transaction”:{“nonce”:11,“gasPrice”:{“type”:“BigNumber”,“hex”:“0x012a05f200”},“gasLimit”:{“type”:“BigNumber”,“hex”:“0x5208”},“to”:"[the wallet i am sending to]",“value”:{“type”:“BigNumber”,“hex”:“0x038d7ea4c68000”},“data”:“0x”,“chainId”:56,“v”:147,“type”:null,“confirmations”:0},“transactionHash”[hash]}

was there a previous transaction with same nonce and a different gas price?

There was a previous transaction…
Where I transfer a bep20 token.
and I then send another transaction where I send a native token all on BSC Network.

But the Gas price and the nonce were never included in the code I wrote.

do you know what was the nonce and gas price for that previous transaction?

No, I don’t know what the nonce of the previous transaction was…

This was my code.

               const options = {
                  type: "erc20",
                  amount: Moralis.Units.Token("10000", 18),
                  receiver: [THE ADDRESS],
                  contractAddress: "[CONTRACT ADDRESS]"
                let result = await Moralis.transfer(options);
                if (typeof result.hash !== 'undefined' || result.hash !== null) {
                    var price = Moralis.Units.Token("0.001", 18);
                    const REFoptions = {
                      type: "native",
                      amount: price ,
                      receiver: [ANOTHER ADDRESS],
                    let referer = await Moralis.transfer(REFoptions);

You can look at the transaction that was mined on chain to see the nonce and gas price. What is the delay that you use between transactions?

I didn’t use any delay for the transaction.
Please show me how.

Try to use a delay. Like a sleep of 5 seconds. What is the chain that you use?

Thanks. I am adding the delay.

BSC => 56 => chainId: 0x38