Realtime Events noobs

Hello, interface change a bit… how do I find the Real Time Events?

That tutorial is from very early in the beta and is rather out of date. As Filip mentioned in Discord check out the video in the docs here:

Here is a silly one: So I have finished this sample DAPP(bycopying the rest from github)… had to restart computer midway, did not know to save the Ganache blockchain(now I know)

So the OLD (LOST) eth wallet addr is still showing as the address I am playing in the DAPP itself but on Moralis it was updated to the NEW addr… any ideas how to debug this?

Also: Any thoughts on how this would work on main blockchain?

Next: Now that this is somewhat working Ill start implementing my own front end…

I replied in Discord before but to summarize for anyone else finding this thread:

  • The Moralis DB is not reset when a new local dev chain is used… a manual command could be added to the CLI but a command that can wipe the DB is rather dangerous…
  • Re-use the same ganache workspace whenever possible (use a seed phrase and deterministic flag when using the ganache CLI)
  • In tesntnet and mainnet this is not an issue as they don’t ever get reset (everything is there “forever”)