Real time TX issue

hello There, I need some favor from your side. I did this transaction from metamask When I am trying to find it in in moralis DB, I am unable to find this record. I made the sync event as per your instructions. And I can see 233k records in DB.
But these records I did not find. Please do some needful steps.
Here is the transaction details :


This looks like a transaction that should have been synced in your database, that transfer event in particular.

Can you share your server url?

It should be there. Same thing is working properly on second server with BIRB token. Only facing issue with BUSD token.
Here is my server URL.

what is the server URL for the other server that you use to sync events for the other token?

Serrver for BIRB token:
Please let me know if it is possible to get the BUSD transactions here in moralis. We already spent many days on this. We had launch last week for our latest Dapp. Just because of this issue we had to change the date. I hope you understand our situations.


somehow it looks strange that it looks like 0xaf064a6bd43ff5946ce64eb4b82926fe70568295324acf51a2d7503de6d98567 transaction that you mention looks to have been processed on Serrver for BIRB token:

Can you confirm that you mentioned the right server names?

Thanks for investigating the issue. I have common code in my dapp and switching the server as per Token selection. If that is the case then I should also find these records in BIRB dashboard whereas I am unable to filter.
This one I did 55 minutes ago.

try to search only the hash (0x62f4c0a1f1a294129e83c2f9296ebcbcc0efb2861d5f9c347e8a2a27c26a7706), not the entire bscscan url

I have not added full url. Under filter I chose tx_hash and equals to then enter above hash. no result found.

In previous picture it looked like you pasted a https link.
Now I’m thinking that maybe that transaction got synced on this server in BscTransactions table if you logged in on this server with that specific address that made that transaction.

We will have to investigate where was that 0x62f4c0a1f1a294129e83c2f9296ebcbcc0efb2861d5f9c347e8a2a27c26a7706 transaction synced.

Please make it simple. These all transactions we are doing in real-time and it is impossible for us to search all the tables. I created two tables mainly. Rest we can delete to avoid any confusions.
I am sending you screenshots:![Screenshot_3|690x352]![Screenshot_2|690x290]

I found this one(0x62f4c0a1f1a294129e83c2f9296ebcbcc0efb2861d5f9c347e8a2a27c26a7706) in BscTransactions.
I created two servers just because I thought both tokens data can exhaust one server. if there is issue with this change. I am ok with one server as well. Just there should not be much delay in fetching response.


We found out meanwhile that there looks to be a CPU bottleneck for that server that syncs BUSD transfers and there were transactions that were waiting to be processed.
An upgraded server may help in syncing those BUSD transactions faster.

In the future you should also have a job or something else that clears old history as the table will become enormous over time with all those BUSD transfers.

ok, got your point. Thanks for the clarification. our main requirement was to listen the events instead of fetching data from DB.
do you have apis to clear the data? What will be the cost to upgrade the server? Are you 100% sure that after upgrading I should get the events.
Otherwise I can use any other platforms and use websockets. They also provide all the events with faster speed. No database needed. Directly they listen events.


We think that first upgraded server (that costs $200 per month) should handle that load without problems.
To clear the data you can connect directly to mongo db database if you want, or write a cloud function that removes old entries.

OK thanks for your information. we have no issue with upgrade plan. Still we have some doubts:

  1. How did server switching happen automatically? because I had birbtxs and busdtx tables only.
    And server was different for BUSD token.
  2. If I run suppose clear apis on daily basis then also we need upgrade plan? Because we do not need these information stored anywhere. We did use it to listen real time transaction events only. no as such storage needed.


  1. now I think that it was no server switching, it happened that the particular transaction that you wanted to check on BUSD server got processed on the other server, but for another reason (just because you authenticated with your address on that server)
  2. not sure on what you refer with clear apis, there are separate upgrade plans for using speedy nodes/websockets or web3api queries, the free limit is of 3600 requests per minute for direct APIs, and those apis don’t necessarily require a Moralis server

you can also create a hook that processes those events realtime on your Moralis server, for example beforeSave hook if all you want to do is some simple processing real time

Thanks for your useful information. Give us sometime so we can analyze moralis severs. If we get stable outputs without any issues then we can go with upgrade plan.