Real time CLI get-log do not works

Hi guys,
I see the CLI clouds function real time debugging now works well on the IDE console. Thanks the Team for this improvement!
But I am trying CLI command to get real time logs; The command went thru , the notice shown that it is “listening for logs”… but nothing else

moralis-admin-cli get-logs --moralisApiKey xxxxxxx --moralisApiSecret xxxxxx

| Listening for logs

Are you sure your server generated any logs since you started the command?

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Yes. I am sure. I am still working one the code and reading logs from web dashboard.
I am using Visual Code with his development server on localhost3000 and I am trying to fetch the log to the command prompt window.
While I can see new logs are coming on web dash board; But on command prompt window, it only shows " / listening for new logs…"

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are you using Windows command prompt? or which terminal

If you use Windows Command Prompt it freezes if you select some text in it - to unfreeze click enter

Hey @tungtien

Today we released a new version of the get-logs script.
If you are on Mac or Linux run : sudo npm i -g moralis-admin-cli
If you are on Windows: Open the cmd as administrator -> npm i -g moralis-admin-cli

Once done run: moralis-admin-cli version you should have version 2.1.11 installed

If that’s the case, run moralis-admin-cli get-logs and try again (it will ask you which server you want to use, make sure to select the right one).

Keep me posted,

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Ivan, the slash on the left is still rotating, so I am sure it is not freezed;

Thanks Dani, I upgraded and It works fine! (may be because the last time I did not ran Command prompt as admin (?))

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Hey @tungtien

Happy to see that you were able to fix!

may be because the last time I did not ran Command prompt as admin (?)

This is not the case, the issue was most likely the server that the script was listening.
With the new upgrade released yesterday, the get-logs command asks you which server it should listen, instead of using the first one by default.

Have fun using Moralis.


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