React useNFTBalances() just want to display nfts same as in the html guide

hi i saw the videos all over youtube. I know its simple enough because the guides are all on html, i needed some assistance for the react version.

editt: okay guys i managed to progress a little further:

const { data: NFTBalances } = useNFTBalances();
const totalNFT = NFTBalances?.total;

useEffect(async () => {
  if (NFTBalances?.result) {
    const NFTs = NFTBalances.result;
    for (let NFT of NFTs) {
      if (NFT?.metadata) {
        NFT.metadata = JSON.parse(NFT.metadata);
        NFT.image = NFT.metadata?.image;

how can i do a loop in the html side to show these images side by side… i managed to get the imageurl into a variable

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u have a long way to go bro, what your asking dosnt have an easy answer

Did you find a solution? I want to do the same thing.

What have you done so far in code? If you want to loop over NFTs from GetNFTs, you can map over the result array inside the response.