React spam authenticate on wallet change

Authenticating and logging out works.

But if I try to change to a different address in metamask, moralis will spam me x8 to authenticate.
It is always onAccountChanged event, even though event is commented out in code, but even if i remove it completely it will still trigger it.

Also it doesn’t matter if I try to sign the spam authentication messages, it won’t work, it wont log me in.

“moralis”: “0.0.37”
“react-moralis”: “^0.2.1”

if you wanna copy/paste it

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Hey @urketadic

Anywhere else in your project uses authorization? That component looks okay

I only have MoralisProvider wrapper in my index.tsx and then I useMoralis here in this component.

Okay, suddenly it doesn’t happen anymore. No clue how as i am using identical code and I have been refreshing thousand times.

Either way im glad its over…