React Native Moralis Social Login

Hello everybody,

I would like to know if it’s possible or if someone has already tried Social Login with Moralis in React Native apps?

I saw about Moralis Social Login in this article.


Hi @ls.oliveiras.santos
you can try web3auth, its super easy and direct to integrate.

right now there’s no react native implementation but i think web3auth is easy and direct to implement

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Nice! Thank you. I’ll try to implement it. Right now I’m using React Native with Expo. Yeah, I could not find an example of implementation, probably I’ll find issues in that journey.

check this out:

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Hi, Currently working on on this same issue. Did you find a way to implement it in react native ?

Hi! I could not find a way to implemented it. Actually, I’m trying to implement authentication with Magic Link in React Native, but I’m having some issues. I have an open issue about that.

Yes, I implemented that react native using social login. If you want to more learn about react native development services contact us!