React-native boilerplate doesn't work with walletconnect on android emulator

Hi! I manage to make the app run with android emulator, but when I press the login button it won’t show the list of wallets to connect to, instead it redirects me to a 404 page of walletconnect with the error “No wallets found”.This is a screenshot of the process.


I am also seeing the same issue. When I press “Crypto Wallet Login” button, it opens a Wallet connect website window with a 404.

Hi. Do you have any solutions to your problem? @HenryJones. @adriancabal

I think that this is happening to android only (Emulator, physical device). It’s about Deeplink, I guess.

Are you using the latest boilerplate version?

As an observation, the react native boilerplate is in alpha stage and is not ready for production use

i am having the same issue 404 as above in the image

Did you solve your issue? Actually, I have the same problem, and I want to know if you were able to fix it and how.

Thanks in advance!

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@HenryJones @adriancabal @rocket @faizan @Cinofix

There is a fix here.

    <package android:name="io.metamask"/>
    <package android:name="com.wallet.crypto.trustapp"/>

Add in AndroidManifest.xml thats how i overcome this error