React Moralis Resolve Address to Username

const { data: bids} = useMoralisQuery(“BidMade”);

Works fine, and we use this to find information about bids on our Auction Smart contract

I want to use a user query to resolve ethAddress to usernames

const { data, error, isLoading } = useMoralisQuery("User", query =>
    .equalTo("ethAddress", 0x123213213EFEWFpropperethaddress)

does not work. Is there any function like equalTo and .limit(1)?

Hey @IntrepidShape

Make sure you have these addresses both in lowercase

@IntrepidShape, if you want to do that in general for any ethAddress, it may not work in front end because it will require master key, you could do it with a cloud function.

Awesome, my team member was having an issue, we will make a cloud function.