React moralis integration in app

Im using this code where

First of all what are the file names where I have to put this code snippets in?
second when I add
the first part into index.js and the 2nd part into app.js

I get following error

Module not found: Error: Can’t resolve ‘moralis’ in ‘/home/joey/Desktop/cwj-official/cwj-main/node_modules/react-moralis/lib’

but I did npm install react-moralis
so why is it not working?

I also added my appId and serverUrl
but still nothing

I dont understand why nothing works right out the box, everytime I deal I get nothing but errors.

It would be helpful to also show in what files this goes

Im following the steps exactly as in the documentation but nothing works

Compiled with problems:

ERROR in ./node_modules/react-moralis/lib/index.esm.js 3:0-36

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'moralis' in '/home/joey/Desktop/cwj-official/cwj-main/node_modules/react-moralis/lib'


  Line 7:6:  'App' is not defined  react/jsx-no-undef

Search for the keywords to learn more about each error.

Is nobody double checking when you publish a documentation if it really works?

I dont understand why nobody in this industry is capable of writing tutorials that work, you post no file names nothing and than you expect people to use your stuff even though its not working.

did you install moralis too? I think we missed that in the react-moralis page

also looks like you didn’t import App component

I have installed everything and where do I need to import it and why isnt it imported in the documentation, I copied and pasted the code, so shouldnt you import it in your code aswell?

Well I am not so sure but I feel you might installed everything in the docs

but there we didn’t include moralis, which mean you might not installed moralis into your package.json which works along side react-moralis

and you miss importing the App it’s not included in the docs coz the import path will differ depending on your folder structure

I have installed everything, react-dom react moralis etc… and this error also went away.
I have an index.js file and an App.js file so where do I need to include the app.
Can you wirte a sample code and just include it in your file, its better you have it included because than I can change it, but if its not included how do I know that I need it.
im sorry Im new to react, I dont know these things

no answer on how I can fix this?