[react-moralis] getting failed to load resource (400 ())

I’m using the Zerion Clone.
When I authenticate my token are not displayed and I have this:

Here is my code:

It looks like you have errors when you call this cloud function:

The cloud functions… Yes! Just created a new server forgot to add them.
Now they are well displayed.
But I don’t get my amount of ETH

I have some in my wallet…

There may be different tables now from where to read that balance data. You can check your server dashboard to see where you have that balance, it could be EthBalance for eth balances.

Thanks I’ve changed it, didn’t notice. But I still get the NaN… Just for ETH, I have the price for others.

So the total is wrong too and have also a NaN.

I think that you have to handle ETH separately, and read its balance from a different table.