React JS Minting App

Hello, i’ve a question about making a React Js Dapp that makes users able to mint an NFT from my collection.
I’ve seen on moralis channel that this topic is not present, your “minting app” are app where the owner can upload photos and create nft.
Of course there’s something i’m missing, so is Moralis able to do that?

Thank you

How do you do the minting now? Do you have the nft smart contract? Did you upload the nft metadata and images?

I’ve a smart contract on polygon able to mint, i uploaded nft metadata and images on pinada ipfs and connected to smart contract.

ok, it should be easy then, now you have to call that mint function from your code, in vanilla js is Moralis.executeFunction, in react you find the documentation here:

This could be the answer?
Because there are no videos about react moralis…

there is an entire boilerplate for react:

what you found in react documentation should work fine