React Hook useEffect missing dependacies

Hi everyone, just completed the airbnb project and I keep getting the following error
React Hook useEffect has missing dependencies: ‘Moralis.Object’ and ‘Moralis.Query’

I have checked the code against the final repository in github and all is spot on.
just wondering if there is something i need to addiotnally install

I’ve had a look at it; based on the context, you can ignore this warning as Moralis.Object and Moralis.Query fundamentally don’t or shouldn’t change. So it should be safe to leave out of the dependencies for that useEffect (as done in the final project).

This has to do with React’s useEffect which you can read about here: Using the Effect Hook

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Great thankyou, was wondering as my backened ( moralis database ) is not talking to my front end like in the project and i thought it may have something to do with that

Warnings can be ignored