Rate limit response interpretation

Hi guys, I am getting from moralis API follwing response


Is this message indicates that my app is doing 18 more requests then rate limit allows ? And if yes should I request for raising my plan to custom one ? Tbh I was pretty sure that pro plan will be enough for our needs.

This situtation occurs during app cold start when a lot of data are needed. After that, cache on my app side, keeps data and refresh only those queries that are stale so there is no problem later on.

I would appreciate your help.



Yes, that message says that it used 78 requests/compute units when the limit was of 60 in a second.

How many requests did you do and to what endpoints? just to check if the things add up to that 78 number.

Ok I’ll try to count all compute units but it won’t be that easy as I do request to many endpoints. Tbh I assume that this is true, but to double check I will try to count all.

you can try to add a delay between requests if possible, for example with this:

function sleep(ms) {
  return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms));
await sleep(500)