Rate limit per second?

I am on the Pro plan and was under the impression the rate was 3500 reqs/min? So what does this mean? Are we also throttled per second?

{“code”:141,“error”:“This Moralis Server is rate-limited because of the plan restrictions. See the details about the current rate and throttle limits: {“x-rate-limit-limit”:“3500”,“x-rate-limit-remaining”:“50”,“x-rate-limit-remaining-ttl”:“50”,“x-rate-limit-throttle-limit”:“88”,“x-rate-limit-throttle-remaining”:“5”,“x-rate-limit-throttle-remaining-ttl”:“5”,“x-rate-limit-throttle-used”:“120”,“x-rate-limit-used”:“34”}”}

Yes per second is “throttle” and per minute is “rate-limit”

So how do these relate? I am on the Pro plan, and can do 3500 API requests per minute, and once every 3,500 seconds? Or am I reading this wrong?

you can make 3500 requests per minute, but you can not make all those requests in a second
you can make close to 100 requests per second, and those 100 are not really requests as some requests can use more compute units

Hm. Can I get a full break down of this in my Dashboard?