Rate limit math for Web3 nft endpoint with offsets

Sorry, I’m super confused by the offset weighing thing.

For web3 endpoint /nft/{address}/trades:

Pagination is available still only by offset, not yet by cursor, correct?

If each call returns an array with up to 500 entries, and assuming my nft collection’s entire trades dataset is 25,000 entries, that’d be 500 calls.

With each subsequent call, I increase the offset value by 500 to retrieve the next page. And there’s an associated weight change with each call, based on that call’s offset value?

So for this example, is there a way to calculate a constant rate limit that I can set my program to adhere to?

Or should I actually be increasing the time between calls as the offset increases?

Thank you.

I would say that you can use a delay between requests that handles the biggest offset, or you can increment the delay based on the current offset.