Rate limit even after plan upgrade

our account is constantly rate limited. We have yesterday increased our monthly quota from 25mil to 50mil because we assumed that this was the problem.

We still have the rate limit problem. We have even reduced our request per sec to around 30, with no luck.

In our database we can also see an almost 10x reduction in data, because of the rejected request with the message [{"message":"Rate limit exceeded."}]

Can somebody investigate why we have this issue?


Account: [redacted]…

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it looks like you are using both nodes and web3api.
where from do you get that rate limit error message in particular?

We have more rate limitations on the web3api. The node has less.

you can get a plan that has a higher rate limit.
you can send an email to [email protected] if you want that rate limit increased with a new plan

Did you reduce the rate limits?!
I mean we are using Moralis since months and it worked and now suddenly we are rate limited and need to increase?!
We increased our quoate actually to 100 mio requests…so if the rate limit hasn’t changed it should work.

So the question is, did the rate limit change in the last days? and if not, why are we blocked suddenly without having changed the rate limit?

there was a change last week in rate limits, before that there was a burst allowed per second, for example a PRO plan had 88 requests per second and 3600 requests per minute.

and we changed only in a limit per second and now it is only a limit of 60 requests per second for a PRO plan.

based on the error message there should be more info about how that rate limit was hit.