Rarible Tutorial Database table issue

I am currently following the tutorial on creating a copy of Rarible. I finished the 7th episode and also did the additional episode where the breaking change on the database tables is explained. This change was on how the Nfts sould be appearing in different tables from the previous episodes because of an update. Even though I can mint Nfts on my dev blockchain (Ganache) and can see them appearing on the “Item” table with the correct contract addresses, there is not a new table called “NFTTokenOwners” being generated. The tutorial says that the new Nfts should be appearing here. How can I resolve this issue? Although I may be mistaken, I am confident that I followed the steps correctly, and there were no other issues. Thanks.

Hey @artunb

NFTTokenOwners is a outdated name.
Change in the cloud code NFTTokenOwners -> EthNFTOwners

Also take a look at

Hope this will help you👷🏻‍♂️


I currently have the following tables in my database. Should or shouldn’t there be an “EthNFTOwners” table automatically generated after I call the createItem method of my smartcontract? Thanks.

Hey @artunb

The EthNFTOwners column will be automatically generated when one of the monitored wallets receives an NFT.

I just finished part 13 and now my ‘EthNFTOwners’ table isn’t updating anything anymore. Checking in ganache, the NFTs were definitely minted. Any suggestions? I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong for hours.

I have everything up on gihub.



In case that you reused your Moralis server with a different ganache instance, you should start a new Moralis server.

I got it working. I just made sure ganache was running and I initialized with proxy server before I logged back into the server and everything worked just fine.

Thank you for the reply.

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did you solve this problem? i have also the same problem. what is the solution? Any idea

Facing the same problem and not able to find any solution

How did you solve the problem of ethnftowners

in a new nitro server, that table may not be present any more, you could use web3api to get that info