Rarible Plugin set my own collection

I am trying to make NFTs with moralis rarible plugin (basically using lazy minting). Problem is, my NFTs are getting stored in the default Rarible collection, not the collection that I have.
Its not much of a use if I cant store all the similar NFTs in a single collection.
Is there any way to do that?

I am using the code like below:

await Moralis.Plugins.rarible.lazyMint({

chain: 'rinkeby',

userAddress: user.get("ethAddress"),

tokenType: 'ERC721',

tokenUri: {my token URI},

royaltiesAmount: 500, // 5% royalty. Optional

list: true, // Only if lazy listing

listTokenAmount: 1, // Only if lazy listing

listTokenValue: 10 ** 18, // Only if lazy listing

listAssetClass: 'ETH', // only if lazy listing  || optional


Thank you for sharing the thread, I am looking for the same info!

Hi. Did you get any answer?

Thank you all Moralis team for this amazing platform. Everything from docs to tutorials are awesome!

It would be great if we can have this extra param to define the collection we want our lazy minted NFT’s to be added. I’m in the same situation with zakekal and Fleury69.

@dani @filip do you think is it possible?

Thanks in advance.