Rarible Part 6 Truffle: Typer Error

Hello guys, im following the Rarible clone, unfortunately im getting the following error upon the > truffle migrate command.

So i tried to change the pragma solidity version from ^0.8.0 to: 0.8.10 and others in the smart contracts as well as the truffle config file. now it is throwing:

How do i get to update the truffle config ?
is it in here?

Thanks in advance!!!

I think that it is there that truffle config, and you only have to uncomment that line with version: to set a particular version for the compiler

thats what i had in the first time trying, wich throws the first error above. see again here.

is there some type of command like truffle update or so that i could use in terminal?

can you try to put solidity version 0.8.0 everywhere? in truffle config and in your contracts?

thats it! i tried this before but you know what the problem was – i left it commented out! thats why it didnt pick it up in the first place.

Thank you for your help once again, youre great!!!


hold on one sec
it compiled the contract

but it throws the following problem in the .sol files:Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 11.28.08 AM

will this be problematic with further production?

where from did it get that 0.8.10 version?

i dont know where it comes from, i checked the contracts coming from openzepelin but on first sight i couldnt find that particular pragam version written down anywhere… hmm

i dont know where it comes from


Try to clear the build folder. If it will not help - share your GitHub repo (be aware of sharing private keys)

thank you yomo for your response - clear as in delete it or check through the elements? thanks! @Yomoo