Rarible - getNonce returns 404

I am currently trying to use the rarible api in my react app. The rarible Docs provide the following function:

async function getNonce(token: string, minter: string) {
	const res = await client.get(`protocol/ethereum/nft/indexer/v0.1/collections/${token}/generate_token_id?minter=${minter}`)
	return res.data.tokenId

where i would import the ‘token’ as once described with token adress “0x6ede7f3c26975aad32a475e1021d8f6f39c89d82” for rinkeby in the top of the page, but “0x25646B08D9796CedA5FB8CE0105a51820740C049” in the code example, and neither seems to make any difference.

As the ‘minter’ variable i used my wallet adress

All in all i’d use the Link:

but this is as i said a 404 Error response

Does anyone know how to handle this correctly?

Hi and thanks for posting, unfortunately this is a third-party API, I’ve never used it and can’t help

Maybe someone in the community has used it and can be of better help