Rarible clone Question

I don’t want to use a modal for MyItems. How could i change the code so that it just shows the userItems (instead of the marketplace items), when the MyItems button is pressed.

I don’t know how you can change that code, but first step would be to get that data from the database, and after that to show it in the interface somehow.

Ok, I don’t need help on this anymore, but i have another question. Is it normal that when I create an NFT that it takes pretty long until i see it in myItems. It is always stuck in EthNFTOwnersPending for a minute or more.

On what chain are you doing that mint? It takes some time until that nft moves from the pending table. There is a delay that depends from blockchain to blockchain, Moralis waits a number of blocks so that a reorganization of blocks has a low probability to happen after that.

Ropsten Testnet. What do you think is the fastest/best? BSC, Polygon?

I don’t know exactly which is the fastest now, you can expect a delay of at least 1 minute on any chain. But you can still process the data from that pending table where is almost real time.