Rarible clone part 13 (I'm using React)

I’m trying to use Rest API to get the objects from the ‘ItemsForSale’ table.
I’m not able to access TokenURI using API, Can someone tell me how to add the token_uri column in the ItemsForSale table?

you mean that you don’t have token_uri column in itemsForSale table in your Moralis DB?
how are you using that Rest API, can you give an example?

I’m trying to call the classes/ItemsForSale endpoint using postman and in the Results I want token URI.
To get token_uri in the results I’ve to add token_uri column in ItemsForSale using cloudFunctions
How can I do that ?

I don’t know where/if you have that token_uri information in first place. If you want to return token_uri from a cloud function and you know from where to get it then it shouldn’t be too complicated, you can query two tables in a cloud function in order to return the wanted information for example.
Do you have that token_uri in token table?
It looks like this is the code that gets that data: https://github.com/MoralisWeb3/youtube-tutorials/blob/35c6a6e45861f9f69205c9ceb2ae57eec2761b81/rarible-clone/cloud_functions.js#L58-L64.