Rarible Clone: change wei value transaction to bnb value transaction

changing the value of the item sold transaction from wei to BNB. just give me pointers, thanks!

My impression is that you will end sending WEI every time, but depending on the application that will display the value sent it will show it in BNB or WEI depending on the value that you sent. In this particular case when 500 WEI are sent, it they were to display it in BNB it would have been 0.000000000000000500 BNB, that maybe would not look so great as 500 WEI.

1 BNB = 1000000000000000000 WEI and the application can display the value in what is better to display from case to case.

are you saying i should handle the conversion on the frontend?

This may help you: Trying to get metamask wallet balance

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