Question on NFT Market place with boilerplate

I will start off by saying great course. I have completed most of the functionalities. Regarding the “clone OpenSea in 2 hours”, on the MorallisDappProvider file, the variables for setting the contractABI and marketAddress only allow for one smart contact address and contractABI. Is there a simple way of adding additional smart contract addresses here? thanks!

On what basis you want to change contractABI and marketAddress?

Like when the app is used on different chains?

No, I’m just talking about the same chain. You can only input one contract address on the MoralisDappProvider, which comes from the API output from Remix or Truffle

In the tutorial video if you look at 50:00 minutes timeframe, you can see that the contract address and abi is manually added in the dapp for function calls.
And this contract address used in the tutorial is of the contract which is deployed on mumbai chain.

Thank you for your question! We are glad you are enjoying the course. Unfortunately, we do not have a simple answer for you. You may need to consult with a developer in order to add additional smart contract addresses.