Question about speedy nodes

To deploy my Contract to a public testnet, I use Moralis speedy node.
So if I understand well, the node is used to “send” or “broadcast” the contract to other nodes in the blockchain.
Once the contract is deployed, and people start making transactions, where do these transactions first get created ? from the moralis node ?
If yes, is there a limit of requests ?

I hope you understood my question :slight_smile:
Have a nice day

Hey @Maxime77, hope you are ok.

You should research properly what a full node is capable of, speedy nodes are full nodes for an specific blockchain, that way Moralis just offer you a node, instead of you building and config your own, all nodes are capable to be configured with custom settings.

Carlos Z

Potentially really dumb question, how do I deploy a contract using truffle and speedy nodes? I understand and know how to use them to query historical data from chain but I can’t figure it out how to deploy it. Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.


Hey @nev

Take a look at the videos on Ivan on Tech and Moralis YouTube channels. For example: How To Deploy To BSC From Truffle.

If you want to level up your BlockChain development skills take a look at Ivan On Tech Courses

@Yomoo exactly what I was looking for. Much thanks and I’m already in the academy :slight_smile: