Question about NFT API

I’m new to using Moralis and have a few questions that I hope the community can help me with.

I’ve been experimenting with the Moralis GitHub examples located here:

I’ve been experimenting by pulling in NFTs from users on OpenSea. While some accounts return valid information, I’m getting inconsistent results and would like to understand what I’m doing wrong.

The following account has three NFTs, and I only get one result when using the example in the tutorial above. Furthermore, it is not the NFT that I’m expecting to be displayed.

I copy the user’s address of ‘0x137e2A4FC71D0b72ac9BB63D4564CB7899CdFcfB’ and add it into the tutorial linked above. I do get one result from the polygon chain, but the information does not match the description or image of the NFT created by Project-Curlz.

I’m attempting to obtain NFTs that are owned or have been created by an account.

I’ve been following the documentation for Moralis for getnfts.

This was giving me inconsistent results, so then I attempted to use getnftsforcontract.

What I cannot figure out is where I can obtain the proper ‘Address’ or ‘Token_address’.

Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong, and why I’m unable to get correct results when using either method described above?

It looks like these NFTs do not actually exist on-chain yet, they are only lazy minted. You can verify this by using getTokenIdMetadata or looking at the the tokens on a chain explorer.

If you want these NFTs minted and then available via the API, you can transfer them to another wallet in OpenSea.

Thanks Glad, I appreciate it.