Question about moralis Daap development with JS

lets say i have develop a daap using vanila JS can it be production worthy? or i have to do it in react? if so why react and why not JS?

Vanilla js vs React performance based evaluation can be hard, ReactJs is efficient to handle various UI updates as it has the feature of Virtual DOM but Vanilla js is extremely faster than other JavaScript frameworks. So you can say that it provides better performance than leading front-end frameworks. In short if you are comfortable with vanilla JS I think it is worthy.

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so to summarize i can develop daap using JS( ivan said in one you tube video that u will use react for production,that’s create the confusion). Tnx for the explanation.

You can use the base Moralis SDK with Vanilla JS. It is up to if you want to use a framework like React or Vue. React is mentioned as Moralis has a library for it and it’s the most popular.

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