Question about a token Contract Address having a bunch of BUSD to start?

Hello everyone I know this isnt code related but BSC blockchain related? When tokens are sent to a Contract Address they are typically gone forever is my understanding. But can a contract be written in a manor that would allow it to also operate similar to a wallet if the native token or say BNB is sent to the verified Contract Address?

Thank you!

Hey @bolfcoin, in EVM chains you can send either tokens or native tokens (BNB, ETH, MATIC) to smart contract and those contracts can function as if it’s a wallet, by default you can’t withdraw it, but if you add withdraw function onto the smart contract you definitely will be able to withdraw your holdings from the contract. Hope this helps~


Yes that helps greatly! There is where the rabbit hole was leading with native tokens but just wanted to confirm with someone smarter than me! :slight_smile: Thank you YosephKS!!

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