Querying with block_timestsamp


when I try to query using createdAt it works but using block_timestamp the result is always empty

so example:
this works
query.greaterThan(“createdAt”, new Date(‘2014-10-10’).toISOString());

this returns empty
query.greaterThan(“block_timestamp”, new Date(‘2014-10-10’).toISOString());

(block_timestamps are all larger than that date value)
block_timestamp is also shown as Date on the dashboard, just like createdAt

is there anything else I need to make to query with block_timestamp?


This looks to work fine for me:

query = new Parse.Query('PolygonTransactions')
query.select('block_timestamp', 'createdAt')
query.greaterThan("createdAt", new Date('2021-09-08'));
query.greaterThan("block_timestamp", new Date('2020-09-08'));
x = await query.find()

it returns empty for me

createdAt works using new Date(‘2021-09-08’).toISOString(). without toISOString it also returns empty

block_timestamp on the other hand returns empty on both call

do I need to set/enable anything for this?

(using bsc testnet)
and this is my block_timestamp column

try Date(‘2021-08-08’) in case that it is a month 0 index problem.