Querying EthTokenBalance returns fewer items than it should

I am querying the EthTokenBalance collection using an aggregation. I currently have 3 wallets synced via the dashboard.

The total amount of documents in the EthTokenBalance collection is 400+

When I apply my aggregation, I get a result of 56 everytime. Is there some kind of fixed limit to the queries?

This is my query

  const pipe = [
                    match: {

                        address: { $in: addresses }//addresses is an array of string values}

                    group: {
                        objectId: "$symbol",
                        decimals: { $push: "$decimals" },
                        balance: { $sum: { $toDouble: "$balance" } }

            const result = await query.aggregate(pipe);

This aggregaton groups the balances by tokens, but that should still be way more than just 56 cause one synced wallet of mine alone holds over 200 tokens.

you could check what is missing, maybe some rows are skipped if they don’t have complete data