Query where column is equalTo multiple values


Can someone please advise how to query if a value in a column equals one of multiple values in an array,

This is my code
forEach(address in addresses){
Query.equalTo(“contract_address”, address);

This will only return rows that match the last address.

For this use Ored Querry constraints.
The code would be as follows

// This is where we store all the querries that we make
const querries = []
forEach (adress in adresses){
//push all querries in 
querries.push(Query.equalTo(“contract_address”, address));
//build the main querry
const mainQuery = Moralis.Query.or(...querries);
  .then(function(results) {
    // results
  .catch(function(error) {
    // There was an error.

I hope this helps