Query on Cloud Sync table missing fields

I’m certain there’s a bit of documentation that I’ve missed, but I’m having an odd situation. Basically, all of my queries return the appropriate number of items based on imposed limits, but the relevant data is never present. The results always only contain info similar to the following:

ParseObject {
  id: 'aB9z960UMryKwGvyK8oBQpgw',
  _localId: undefined,
  _objCount: 1,
  className: 'myAwesomeTable'

I’ve removed all aggregation and even tried adding select, but it still never returns any actual data. I’m using the master key, if that’s relevant.

Literally saw the answer, right after posting. I must actually .get() after all of the “finding”. Is there a mechanism for “unwrapping” the results without needing to iterate through them? :thinking:

The results are directly available in each object inside attributes. E.g. for one result result.attributes or you can map/loop through them.

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