Python SDK: ImportError: No module named moralis

Getting an ImportError while trying to load Moralis SDK in Python 3.9, operating on Mac OSX Mojave.
From Terminal as well as from my editor.
Does anyone know how to fix that?

Did you install the sdk in the first place?

yes, pip install Moralis, and even pip2 install moralis

Do you know how setup an virtual environment or something equivalent and to try to install the sdk in that virtual environment?

Thanks for answering cryptokid.
Actually I never use virtual environments, that’s true.
Would it be better to do so?

it would be easier to test there to see if it works, because you can install the sdk in that virtual environment and then you can run a python script in that virtual environment and it should work as expected

HI @cryptokid… I am using Virtual environment, but still getting error - ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘moralis’.
I have shared you my screenshot

did you install moralis in that virtual environment? how did you run the script? you have to use the python3 binary from that virtual environment

what command did you run to install moralis sdk?

latest version of moralis sdk starts with 0.1 and is not 0.0.1

i am writing “pip install moralis” only. let me try with moralis==0.1

Now after changing moralis==0.1
I am getting error of other library.

Man don’t take it wrong but, if someone is using moralis library . They need a team to keep working on same project whole life. because they dont know when old library or apis not gonna work. Like i need to change my project from you cloud function system to my normal database. because cloud function is not supporting now. and firebase i have to pay separately, in google also and here in moralis as subscription also.

try to use the path to pip from the virtual environment

or try to upgrade the previous moralis library that is installed

Hello I like to know if your problem have solved or not.
I have the same problem now. :sneezing_face: