Python module is not working

I am trying too do integration with you 5 new endpoints stats, and facing:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/harsh/demo/”, line 10, in
result = evm_api.nft.get_nft_collection_stats(
AttributeError: module ‘moralis.evm_api.nft.nft’ has no attribute ‘get_nft_collection_stats’

please look into image

Hi @harshchhatbar34

You can try using the API endpoints directly to call the stats data. It could be possible that the sdk is yet updated.

btw…your API key is visible in the code. So I will delete the image which you shared

Hi I am using SDK for my whole project, so to use endpoint is against what we are following through whole project.
And please give me proper answer SDKs are updated or not. and if not then when it will update?

Hi, we plan to update the SDK this month, the team is working now on implementing the new endpoints.