Python Django or Flask Web3 Authenication support

Is there support for connecting to moralis servers for authentication, users, query in python?
If yes, is there an example how to connect to moralis server with python, and also implement metamask login

The authentication part doesn’t depend on your Django backend. From backend you generate a page that will be opened in the browser. That page will include JavaScript components and that JavaScript code will handle the authentication part with MetaMask.

After that you can connect directly to the database or to use some library in python for parse server.

Ok thanks for your response, that’s what I thought too, but couldn’t really find an example.

Checked the documentation again and used the example: ‘Boilerplate Plate -> Web3 Vanilla Javascript Starter Project’ and it works. (link)

I’ll see how I can proceed from there, but the authentication was an important step that I had to get it working

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