PWA SPA deploy doesn't reflect changes

I have a Quasar PWA app that I deploy to my server but it takes a lot of time for the server to reflect my deployment changes. I can see there’s a CloudFlare caching. I tried restarting the server and still the old version shows. Is there a way to invalidate the caching or something?

I don’t know of a way to invalidate that cloudflare caching. You can wait few minutes until it invalidates.

It always takes more than 8 hours, that’s my problem but if there’s no way to solve this I guess I’d have to wait every time I deploy.

You deploy it to Moralis static hosting with CLI and it takes 8 hours?

Yes, exactly. Some times it takes 1-2-3. Yesterday I deployed some changes and I kept refreshing for some time throughout the day but I never saw them. I did today.
I can manage through this during development, we can just hit ctrl+f5 for example but it can be a bit of a pain in production if there’s a bug or something so that’s why I wanted to see if there’s something I am missing here.

There are ways to force a refresh by using & when loading js files with a parameter that is changed on deploy.