Project won't load - ETC20 Token Tutorial, brownie

I’m having problems with the deployment of my token. I’m following this tutorial:,Moralis%20account%2C%20just%20log%20in.

I originally thought that it was just a problem of finding the .bash file, so I added the Moralis Ropsten endpoint to the Brownie networks via

brownie networks add Ethereum moralis-ropsten host= chainid=3

which seems to have worked.

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 8.14.54 PM

But when I try to rund the command

brownie console --network moralis-ropsten

I still get:

'Brownie v1.16.4 - Python development framework for Ethereum

No project was loaded.
Brownie environment is ready.

Can anyone explain why? Everything else works fine. I just can’t deploy it bc it won’t load. Help would be much appeciated :slight_smile:

maybe there is a command to load the project

I’m not familia with brownie command line