Project Feedback

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We participated in the Hackaton with our project. We are looking for feedback on our project to help us move forward.

Our project:

Project description: It’s ecosystem that brings together sustainable projects, investors, and CO2 compensators in an eco-friendly way.
Our platform can onboard farmer projects, meaning they can tokenise their green assets, like trees in as Yield-Bearing bonds. These bonds will get each user a certain profit, in addition a number of CO2 tokens that he can trade on our CO2 credit market place.

Example projects we can onboard are:

  • Rooted project with fig trees (20% yield + CO2 tokens)
  • Olive tree farmers
  • Almond tree farmers
  • Peach tree farmers

What we work with are the following:

  • $ROO - tokens => this is for our ecosystem, it gives your vorting rights, etc …
  • CO2 Token -> the motivations for this tokens is that thay also bear value, as the EU has now the CO2 neutrality targets, and companies must compensate / offset, hence we expect high demand for this.
  • Bond tokens: Tree, Kelp, etc …

Our target is to launch this project via an IDO. We think we are close to our MVP

Our questions:

  1. Is our mission statement / target clear?
  2. What is your opinion about the use-case? Is this something you find attractive, and future-oriented? Would you invest in it?
  3. What are the biggest mistakes with our project? What could we have done better to:
    a. communicate our goal better?
    b. make the jury understand the use-case better?
  4. Do other people / projects see value in joined marketing to promote sustainability in the crypto/blockchain space?
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