Problems with ipfs

good afternoon, I have problems with ipfs and the server is giving me an error IPFS Moralis SDK Core Error: [C0006] Request failed: timeout of 20000ms exceeded

Hi @davidzuccarini

We recently had an issue with IPFS endpoints which should be fixed now. Can you try using the IPFS functions?

hi johnversus,I would like to ask a question, I am delighted with moralis, and I have recommended it so much, that the projects are carried out in moralis, but I stopped looking at ipfs in the documentation and it is a great function and they tend to remove functionalities, my concern is that there are several projects already with everything migrated, and with the ipfs. Moralis is not going to remove more functionalities like that? because it really worries me. and I see that in the documentation they removed the ipfs

Hi @davidzuccarini

I understand your concern. IPFS is not one of our core service so we have removed it from the docs to hide it from new users. You can find IPFS reference docs directly in the swagger docs.

We internally use pinata for our IPFS endpoints so if you want to migrate pinata will be the closest alternate without any breaking changes.