Problem with Meta Data

New NFTs on Polygon are coming through with meatadata of null even though the token URI is valid and pulls up the metadata. This example uses an ipfs metadata file.

This was working great a few days ago, prior to the meatadata update. I had actually switched from Alchemy to Moralis because I found it more reliable. This is unfortunate as our product was just released to production and now it is not working for new NFTs.

Did you try to resync them manually? although it shouldnโ€™t be necessary let me have a check and report it to dev if needed

Alternatively you can refetch manually through the tokenURI if the metadata is null

Otherwise, weโ€™re checking in on it right now :raised_hands:

Hi @jbmckee
From the docs, this could be your potential solution

Some NFTs have their metadata hosted on centralised servers. These servers sometimes have rate limits preventing Moralis to fully index the collections that have their metadata stored on such servers. In such cases the metadata may not be resolved. We are working all the time to extend our coverage of metadata.

Thanks! It is working now. It says it synched today. The NFT is using IPFS for metadata.

there was a backlog of metadata to be synced, that is why we assume that it didnโ€™t work at that time

Thanks! That makes sense. So I should expect that from time to time? Hopefully not too often, but the amount of info you must be processing I am sure is astounding.

When this happens for new NFTs, as a fallback you can detect when metadata is null and use token_uri instead. And then you could use reSyncMetadata in addition to that.

Ya, good idea. Iโ€™ll do that as a fall back. Thanks for the suggestion.