Problem with get from the database

Hello all,

We are currently working on a project that contains many pages each on a single file using react .js. However, we faced a problem regarding retrieving data from the database on multiple pages except for the master page of the sign-up page.

How can we get users’ data on the other pages?
We have already tried the user.get and it didn’t work.

Thank you.

not sure what you mean, in case that it helps, you can read user data for any user in a cloud function using master key, in front end you can read only the data from current authenticated user

We have SignUp.js page that we did the setup of moralis and we can use user.get in it and retrieve the data. But on another page called userProfile.js page, we can not use user.get on it so it doesn’t retrieve anything. How to do that?

maybe the user is not authenticated somehow on that page, maybe the session cookie is not saved between pages