Problem with EthNFTTokenOwners table syncing owner_of column

I recently updated Moralis to v0.0.186 and since have not been able to get my EthNFTTokenOwners table to sync at all because of this error (owner_of || "").toLowerCase is not a function. I’m still able interact with my contracts and they are working properly, and I am not invoking that method on the caller so I can’t see why that is being returned. Any ideas on what I should do on my part?

Hey! In order to assist you better could you provide your subdomain?

Thanks for reporting! Fixed in 0.0.187!

Right on, thank you!

Great! Was just about to report the issue myself… updating server now. Thank you!

Hi guys, so I’m having a trouble with live events updating on table. It worked great yesterday, today not so much. Updated server to 0.0.195 and running on ganache with truffle. Both EthNFTTokenTransfers and EthNFTTokenOwners are not syncing/populating at all.

the same goes for EthTokenTransfers and EthTransactions

log shows the following error:
Error syncing historical events for topic 0xe7cd4ce7f2a465edc730269a1305e8a48bad821e8fb7e152ec413829c01a53c4 {“message”:“Invalid field name: _owner.”,“code”:105}