Problem version I BUILT AN NFT GAME IN 12 HOURS

I am testing the series “I BUILT AN NFT GAME IN 12 HOURS” I have had problems with web3, matamask, I consider that it is the version in the html is defined "


Could you tell me which versions should I use?

you could use version 0.0.184 for Moralis SDK

I have the following error:
–> contract.methods.feed(petId).send({from: ethereum.selectedAddress}).on(“receipt”, ( () => {

index.js:223 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined
at c.formatParam (index.js:223)
at index.js:99
at ()
at c.encodeParameters (index.js:93)
at index.js:462
at ()
at Object.y._encodeMethodABI (index.js:461)
at Object.y._processExecuteArguments (index.js:725)
at Object.y._executeMethod (index.js:744)
at feed (main.js:78)
c.formatParam @ index.js:223
(anonymous) @ index.js:99
c.encodeParameters @ index.js:93
(anonymous) @ index.js:462
y._encodeMethodABI @ index.js:461
y._processExecuteArguments @ index.js:725
y._executeMethod @ index.js:744
feed @ main.js:78
async function (async)
feed @ main.js:69
(anonymous) @ main.js:95
dispatch @ jquery-3.6.0.min.js:2
v.handle @ jquery-3.6.0.min.js:2

you have to dine out what was undefined there, you can use console.log for debugging

If the point is that I am following the video series “I BUILT AN NFT GAME IN 12 HOURS” and I understand that it works, what I suspect is that it may be a version problem, and the Github repository is not there either. What can I do to make it work.

first, you have to identify what is that variable that is undefined, then to find out why is undefined.