Problem on fetching attributes of a pointer in a subscription query

Hi Everyone,

I have got a problem in fetching attributes of a pointer when make a query from a table. I do have erc20Token pointer as a column in my โ€œBidsโ€ table and I want to fetch the name attributes of this pointer with other columns using moralis query.

This snippet of code is what I normally do on cloud functions and it is working, but when it comes to the web application it does not fetch the name attributes of erc20Token pointer.

        let query = new Moralis.Query('Bids');
        query.equalTo("itemsForSale",itemsForSale)"amount", "amountFiat","fiatCurrency", "cryptoCurrency", 
        let subscription = await query.subscribe();

Appreciate your help on this matter.

I donโ€™t know exactly for subscribe, in a normal query to access the pointer info you should use and/or query.include


Yes it seems that subscribe is a bit different I have added include as well and did not work.