Problem in our production server

To Moralis support, on 28 January we released our dapp to production. Sadly, the Moralis server we were using (free plan) collapsed and stopped taking requests (showing 100% of CPU usage), which led to users not being able to connect their Metamask wallets to the website (the button was stuck in “Loading…”).
At that moment we upgraded our server to the monthly Pro plan, but the issue persisted, since the contract we are interacting with remained open for only 72hs.

Here is a photo of our dashboard at that moment,

Today we had another problem in our production server. The server reached their 100% CPU and slowed down our sales, as some requests were blocked. For that reason we restarted our server and we lost our opportunity cost, and or hype/fomo factor.

Here is a photo of our dashboard at that moment,

I need help from the support team.-

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Hi, we will need the server url for that first server with 1122 users

you may need to upgrade the server in case that you didn’t do it already

Yes free servers can’t be used for production - we can help you upgrade asap

To save server resource you should also turn off user historic sync if you don’t need that - you have millions of transactions and if you don’t use them - no need to sync

I already have a paid server. I pay 200 USD for that.

The server URL is

I send email to [email protected] last monday but a dont recive any awser.-

Its not a free server. I pay for the pro plan, and pay 200USD for de production server. But the problem persist.-

My server is not a FREE one, someone change the title. And de original one was ok.-

it looks like CPU usage is low now on that paid server. Also it looks like the server was restarted 2 days ago.
It looks like it has a lot of transactions in BscTransactions table.
What tables do you need on that server for your application? it looks like historical sync is enabled on that server.

I used the server for presale and colapse just 5min after presale ends. That left me in a bad situacion. For that reason i restarted our server and i lost our opportunity cost, and or hype/fomo factor.

I want to know whats happened with the server. And why the paid server has the same problem as the free one.-

If you had historical sync enabled and a lot of users logged in fast then the paid server may not handle it. There is nitro version now of the server that handles better the load and you can set how many transactions to sync historically per chain and address.

But in nitro version you don’t have nftOwners table and you’ll have to use the API if you need that info.

I used the server for private presale, now i need to made a public presale, but i dont trust in moralis anymore. I has the problem 28/1 and cost me a lot of lost sales. And dont recibe sopport from moralis in 4 days. Then when the support give me an awnser, they say “you need a production server” its cost 200USD, i paid that amount and one week later a have the same problem again.
I realy whant to use moralis for my dapp but i dont trust in moralis anymore.-

Next time when you have an event you can also ask for help in discord (As long as it is daytime). Now I think that if you disable historical sync it would be fine.
You can try nitro version too, any new created server is a nitro server.

Why anyone anwser the emails?

what is the ticket id for the email that you sent?