PRO plan API key is blocked


I switched to the PRO plan last week.

But today I am trying to use the API, but only the message “API KEY is currently blocked” is returned.

What is the cause of this and can you fix it quickly?

please answer about my question :slight_smile:

You can send a mail to [email protected].

It could be due to rate limits usages.

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I have sent an inquiry to the email address you provided.

It doesn’t seem to be the cause of the rate limit.

Ok. Hope the issue gets resolved soon.

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@GOBT, is this still a problem?
If yes, for what type of requests you get that error?
I see usage for speedy nodes now for your account.

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I also use the speedy-node URL to use for the contract event listener, but mainly the Web3 API.

I’ve been contacting the hello account right now, but it’s still not resolved.

When calling the web3 API, a message indicating that the API key is blocked is returned.

Attach the screen shot tested by calling the API to check the web3 version.

Screenshots of my account’s usage are in my comment above.

A new web3api key was generated. Can you try again?

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The new API key works well.

Thank you for your quick response and support :slight_smile:

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